Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Orphan King

     There is this legend in one of the ancient kingdoms, a kingdom is but a kingdom with all its grandeur, power and corruption and names of a kingdoms are not of any consequence, of an orphan king. It is said that he was born an orphan and soon afterwards his mother died as well so that when his legend is written or read the empathic listener or reader may have imminent sympathy for him. He was a lonely child. It is not known what he did in his childhood, he could've been a shepherd, a carpenter or a farmer. It is also not known where he learnt to read and write or to maneuver a horse with such brilliance. He joined the army and was neither interested in loot nor in drunken debauchery (which if you ask me is one of the most pleasant pastimes known to mankind). He knew no greed and was haughty and arrogant like princes. He didn't speak much to anyone. The mystique of his peculiar traits commanded respect and awe as is the wont of heroes of all ancient stories and he was given much of it.

         The circumstances leading to him becoming a king are shrouded in myths and legends. He was a symbol of strength for the nation, indefatigable and invincible. His people loved him and he was kind to them thus making him a tailored to fit-all histories kind of king. The sultanate was rich with ample money. He ordered the construction of a replica of his palace, right next to his own royal palace. Initially the people speculated that this idiosyncrasy is for palace of their future queen consort and the heirs to the kingdom. However once the palace was completed the orphan king announced it to be an Orphanage. Well, what to expect of a king with mommy and daddy issues.

The orphanage was soon populated with the orphans of the state. There is always an abundance of such needy species once one starts looking for them. The orphanage was as lavish as the royal palace. Several luminous scholars were hired for the education of the orphans. The orphans were trained in art of fighting. The king dined with orphans every evening, joking and telling tales of brave warriors as to instil such qualities in the orphans. He loved the orphans as if they were his own children and envisioned that one day any of his orphans could be the heir to his throne. People envied the good fortune of the orphans. It was such a kingdom in which being an orphan was a bigger advantage than having parents.

     And then the king addressed his people one day. And he explained a few things about the orphanage.He said, in a voice that sounded unshakable as the mountains surrounding the valley, 'i called upon the gods to help me. Gods didn't come. I was abandoned to my fate. Abandonment is a terrible unresolved psychological issue to have once one lives in the first world or has equal privileges in any space and time. I had waged war upon the injustices of the world. I promised myself that there will be no orphan unattended or unaccounted in my kingdom. And today you are all my witness that i have kept my word, i have defeated my fate, i have fought it all alone and i give it back to these lonely brave young bereaved. You wanted a heir, i give you an army of heirs, each one stronger and better than me.'

   The people were befuddled. The religious lot deemed it heresy. The philosophers discussed among themselves if the struggle of the king can render any inferences to the meaning of life. The sycophants wrote paeans, the historians recorded the speech as a landmark of their nation and the common folk not knowing much just loved their king a bit more.

Whereas the king had made the penultimate mistake. He had exposed his sentiments to the general public. Sentiments, and especially sharing them, and especially with general public can never do anyone any good. Once one reveals one's pain, one is privy to further inflicts. And thus the fate of the king was sealed. And it is said that after some time two orphans were brought to the king's orphanage. These new orphans were never seemed to be happy in the king's orphanage. These children wailed for their father and had no use of luxuries of the palace. And thus, greatly piqued by these children, asked them the reason of their perpetual consternation. And they told the king, that their father had committed suicide as he was poor and knew that his children as orphans had better chances at life with him dead than with him alive.

It is not known whether the king broke down immediately, did he shrieked in despair or a lonely tear rolled down his cheek, did he retire to his room and was absolutely depressed or did he continue with his daily tasks and let it gnaw at its soul. However it is known that the king abdicated his throne. Some accounts say that he was last seen as a beggar living off the crumbs of food that village people throw at him. Some say that he accepted that he couldn't defeat fate and lived as a hermit in mountains.


  1. Tsk. Annoyed me a little. Whatever happened to happy endings?

    p.s. Have you seen that movie, Waking Life?

  2. It's a happy ending. King found something.

    No i have this movie and tried watching it but found it too dull i think. Why what's about it.

  3. I recently watched it. I thought anybody who's a little bit interested in dreams should watch it.