Sunday, March 9, 2014

Women's Day

One of my all time favorite stories is of Hafez and Tamerlane, known better in mother tongue as Timur the Lame.

Hafez wrote one verse that went like that 'if that babe in Shiraz, which is of Turkish descent, returns one favor that I keep throwing at her (like a total fuckin' fool), for that mole on her cheek, I will give up all the treasures of Samarkand and Bukhara.'

So Tamerlane, the lame king, the last illustrous Mongol, and the first of the Moghuls, which were later to play a very instrumental role in the history of sub-continent, heard this verse. And he was like super pissed because he thought that Hafez had crossed a line by giving up his the beautiful bejeweled Samarkand and Bukhara, the cities that he rules. So like all super-pissed men in power, he had Hafez summoned to his court. And Hafez like all helpless men in love, obliged to the inquisition. Once Hafez was in Tamerlane's presence, Tamerlane thundered, "Bitch! With the blows of my lustrous sword, I have subjugated most of the habitable globe... to embellish Samarkand and Bokhara, the seats of my government; and your crack poet ass wants to sell it for the black mole of some dame in Shiraz!"

Hafez bowed and spoke like totes non-nonchalantly, "O mighty lord king, it is the same prodigality which is the cause of the misery in which you find me in today."

The mighty king was taken aback by the poet's answer. Poets are witty fucks. Lot of people, who haven't read Bacon, have trouble fathoming that. Once the king came afront from aback he was so delighted at the rejoinder that he gave Hafez gold worth his weight.

Poets, don't they say the darnest things. But they say a saint knows a saint. Only people who have been through the same shit can understand you. And even at that, I deep down believe that nobody can actually completely understand us, because no two individuals have the same emotional response and we are all born alone and die alone, and somewhere God hates us all. Anyway i digress as always. So on women's day, Saturday eve, I was at a gig, watching a pretty untalented band maul some of the golden songs from my teen years. And over there I saw this woman. She must be in mid 30s. But god, she had this air, this confidence, this calm around her, that even I was amazed. There were a dozen uninteresting girls over there. Swaying, flirting, laughing. But she was leaned back in a chair, her chin up right, and she was smoking and she would occasionally lip-synch a lyric. I felt she could just destroy me with her confidence.It was phenomenal. And don't talk me for a guy who lacks confidence. I am a little flamboyant and ultra-over-confident on the worst of my days, so I am pretty calm around babes, but this one made me feel belittled and kinda really horny. I mean I had been sort of down with a terrible flu for a week or so. But before I could even introduce myself, she left. And then everybody left, I sat smoking and waiting for taxi, chatting with the cafe owner who was waiting for me to leave so that she can close. I did dirty dishes for her. She was also in mid-thirties. A bit nervous. I thought of hitting on her but older women have never been my thing. I actually don't get guys who like older women citing 'experience'. I mean how much experience one can get. Once you get comfortable in your skin after sleeping with someone for one time, there is not much out there. Yea, bondage, if you want to go down that line. Anyway, I felt there were stories of two beautiful women that I have missed out on.

And once I was back home, the movements of both those women came back to me. The arms, the arches, the legs, the breasts, the temples, the cheeks, the necks, the lips, and all that. I grew up without any girls or women around, except for my mother, so that kind of explains my eternal fascination with women. But the truth is that there is nurturer and a healer in every woman. I mean if I could have a penny for every damaged goods story that I heard from girls, but still, if you love them well, they become pretty whole, pretty quickly. Unfortunately, not a lot of men know how to love women. And a lot of women don't know how to teach men how to love. And yes, these are both very much acquirable skills.

But anyway, to cut through the chase, dear women of the world, thank you. I have been always blessed with amazing amazing women. True that, it works out sometimes, sometimes it doesn't. But still you ladies are my favorite pieces of poetry that I have read at the end of the day and on the mornings that I don't like poetry. The world will fall apart without you. Or atleast someone's world. Some day. Don't ever forget that. Keep it real. Much love. Hugs and kisses. xoxoxox

ps : I haven't been writing much, but been really busy. Also wrote this total sober.


  1. Haven't been writing much at all. -_-

  2. Don't feel like writing at all. Couple of days ago, I had a dream where my BFF sets me up with a total hottie. We are at a hotel. So I take her to my room. She tries to kill me. Turns out my BFF wanted me dead. I start running and woke up, like super confused.

  3. I love my parents so much my heart aches. :)

    Haha. That dream made me laugh.

  4. I used to enjoy this blog!
    Hope you start writing again.

  5. Thanks The Me. Will do so sometime soon.

  6. Hope you write soon ! I keep coming back to your blog .